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National Society Development Global Event

Dec 6 - 8, 2021


Learn & Get Inspired

Network:RED  offers a unique space for National Societies to surface experiences and practices on transformational NSD, while inspiring and updating  National Societies leaders and NSD practitioners on new trends and ideas, while encouraging collaboration and peer support.​


It provides a global platform to NS leaders, Branch leaders and National Society Development (NSD) practitioners from National Societies and the IFRC from all around the world, offering a space for participants to:

  • Be inspired by speakers with years of proven experience and knowledge, driving National Society Development initiatives in different parts of the world both from inside and outside the movement.

  • Share knowledge and best practices to tackle the most pressing issues for National Society development.

  • Discuss solutions with other NSD experts and practitioners from around the world.

  • Share innovative projects taking place in their own National Society.

  • Meet people from all around the globe in virtual open spaces and engage in interactive activities.

  • Access different initiatives, frameworks, and tools facilitated by IFRC to support Nationals Societies and their branches for their development.

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